Throwing – Grip and Release

Maybe it’s because kids today don’t play as much sports outside of organized teams as they used to play, but I’m sometimes surprised at how many of them lack what can be considered very basic skills.

Such as how to throw a ball. You see a lot of strange motions, even above the entry levels. That’s why it’s important for coaches to take the time to provide the foundation. It’s tough for a player to improve when she lacks the very basic skills to build upon.

In this post and the next one, we’ll focus on throwing. Not pitching, which is a skill unto itself. We’re talking about fielders throwing the ball to other fielders. Here is a good video from that demonstrates the basics of gripping the ball and releasing it.

You’ll notice that the host – a travel ball and high school coach – differentiates between an infield and outfield throw, the former motion emphasizing quickness, the latter emphasizing range. Infielders need a quick release while outfielders need to make a longer throw.

Check out the video and get all your players using the correct throwing mechanics.

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